Driving Lessons Prices

Driving Lessons Prices

Driving Lessons in Dublin: A Road Safety Authority Approved Driving School
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Driving Courses


EDT plus  €816
EDT complete €432
EDT starter pack  €234
Pro 10  €380
Pre-Test Assessment €80
Single Lessons p/hr €40

EDT plus is for the learner who doesn’t want to incur the expense of buying/insuring a car or who hasn’t got the benefit or use of a parent/sponsor vehicle in which to practice. Well that’s OK, ‘cos many of our students’ are now realizing that it’s more economical to get it all done with us. EDT plus is a 24 hour pack of driving lessons which is made up of the 12 Essential Driver Training lessons plus 12 practice driving lessons to get you test ready.  Great price. Great result. Your driving. Your way.

EDT Complete is the full Essential Driver Training course from start to finish. That’s the 12 EDT driving lessons covering all the competencies set out in each module. You decide over what time frame you want to complete this course. We are always here to give best advise and so we must point out that these 12 driving lessons alone are not an absolute preparation for the driving test. Many hours of practice or further lessons would be needed to get to test standard and become a safe and accomplished driver.

EDT Starter pack is pretty much as it says. It enables the learner to start their EDT course and pay in two equal installments. Yes it’s a bit more expensive but if you would like to do the first 6 hours of the EDT and then practice with your sponsor before completing the course, then this is definitely for you!

Pro10 is a block of non EDT professional practice driving lessons for use in either your own car or school car and can be used as an add on to any of the above driving courses or as a stand alone preparation for the driving test. Maybe you feel you need a refresher course, some motorway practice or develop your advanced driving skills. Whatever your needs, Pro10 will deliver.


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