Keen Driving Lessons in Dublin

LforPSwapdriving2There are a number of driving schools in south Dublin, but none more affordable and convenient than A Direct Drive. We have satisfied learners all over south county Dublin with driving courses provided by some of the most qualified and friendly instructors at really affordable charges.

Getting a driving license is a wonderful feeling, the sense of independence erupts when your have the license to drive a vehicle, but getting one can be tricky because of all the requirements. That’s why it is better to take proper driving lessons from a company like A Direct Drive and all you need to do is contact us and get registered to start taking classes.

In Dublin, which has a huge population and traffic, one can have great driving lessons in a very calm and relaxed atmosphere. With the EDT driving lessons the learner can get a grip on all the requirements regarding driving a vehicle and getting their full drivers licence. Apart from having a great attitude towards driving good classes and instructors is as important, and we encourage a great driving attitude to all our learner drivers.

A Direct Drive have the objective of making every driver an expert driver and we take care of everything that goes with it, all you have to do is to contact us and get registered whether it is for your first drivers license test or you just need a little help with a few pointers in a pre-test before doing the real thing .