Teens take cars to the extreme, learn safe driving

Car crashes are the number one cause of teen deaths in the United States, but on Saturday two organizations paired up to try and change that.



“Part of the problem with teens is they just don’t have the experience, the seat time,” said Tim Beechuk, National Project Manager for Tire Rack Street Survival program.

The National Corvette Museum Motorsports Park and Tire Rack Street Survival helped diminish that problem by not only upping young drivers’ seat time, but their experience with emergency situations.

One such situation was created in a safe environment through use of a skid pad created out of kernels of corn.

“We’re going to go around in a circle and control how we, like, slide. So that we can not over-correct or not, like, make a disaster,” laughed Sunshine Scott.

“I think the genesis of the program is such from a good place of passion for safety,” added Matt Busby, Track Operations Manager at the National Corvette Museum Motorsports Park.

Beechuk said that passion had led them to book more than 100 of the teen driving courses across the U.S. for 2016.

Source: Teens take cars to the extreme, learn safe driving